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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A new beginning....

Well, my friends, it appears I am a HOMELESS digidesigner. ROFL After a rather sudden turn of events, I have resigned effective immediately at ostenwilkinsdesigns. I wish Osten all good things for his site, and I know he will be everything he wants to be to the scrapping world.

But I do have a piece of exciting news! Seems I won't be HOMELESS for long! I'm very happy to announce that I will be moving to Treasures To Scrap very soon.

And the MOST exciting part of this is that I will get to work again with my very good friend, Linda Walton, of Bon Scrapatit Designs! It will be SO wonderful to be on the same team with Linda again. She is a fantastic designer, and ABSOLUTELY one of the nicest people I know. Everyone who knows Linda adores her, as evidenced by the HUGE popularity of her blog

As a BONUS, as if it could get BETTER - I am told that the people at Treasures To Scrap (TTS for short) are extremely nice and very customer orientated. I see some familiar design faces from 3Scrapateers already there, and I am just CHOMPING at the bit to get there with them!

Look for a GRAND OPENING announcement right HERE very soon! Now..I guess I'd better get busy - LOTS to do, starting with redesigning my poor little blog.

I want to thank each one of you who visited and downloaded my Download of the Day "Happy Holidays". I so enjoyed getting to meet you. You have ALL confirmed what I have suspected for a long time... Scrappers are just NICE PEOPLE! (big hugs to you all)

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'd like you to meet Izzy!

About this time a month ago, our beloved 13 year old Aussie, JJ, started failing. The diagnosis was one no pet owner ever wants to hear - chronic renal failure. We tried everything to save her - IV therapy, lots of drugs, special diets - everything the vet could suggest save dialysis, which is not available in these parts. Her poor old body was just giving out, and the vet likened her to a 90 year old woman. So, after a long and brave struggle on her part, and much anguish on our part, we did the only kind thing left to do - we let her slip peacefully away.

Our hearts were broken. I have never known a more incredible, devoted dog. She was at my side every waking minute, and I know I will miss her till the day I die.

Knowing I couldn't imagine life without an Australian Shepherd in it, I contacted the Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, Inc. There were two interesting candidates on their website, but one was already spoken for, and the other did not exhibit true Aussie traits. I thought it was wonderful of the them to be so honest with me. We decided to wait, and knew that one would find US when the time was right.

Then, a few days later, I got an email about a two year old female close to St. Louis that desperately needed a new home. I thought to myself...hey, we need an Aussie and she needs a home! Sounded like a match made in heaven!

We made the long trip, fell in love with her, loaded her in the car, got to meet my good friend Osten aka the Dude, spent some enjoyable time at his house, and drove back home all in a weekend!

Izzy, as her name became, has filled our lives with joy. And she has certainly kept us busy! LOL She's a bundle of energy and curious about every little thing. Typical of an Aussie, she is a "velcro" dog and wants to be right at our feet or by our side. And that's okay with us :)

As promised, I'd like to share some pictures of her with you. Ahem..please pardon the box of Christmas decorations still in the living room. :) What she lacks in coat, she makes up for in temperment. Such a sweet dog and so eager to please. Something tells me JJ is looking down and encouraging Izzy along. At least, I like to think so. And we are blessed.

And to thank you for visiting my blog and meeting Izzy, I'd like to offer another couple of coordinating pieces to Happy Holidays. Thank you SO much for visiting and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Important Announcement!

It is with a mixture of sadness and excitement that I announce my resignation at, and my NEW home at Osten Wilkins Designs!

Osten has been a dear friend since we were Crop Leaders at 3Scrapateers, and when he invited me to join him at his site, I was honored and pleased. Osten is truly one of the most talented designers that I know. He has taught me SO much about Photoshop, and I can truly credit him with many of my designing skills. But first, I had to promise to NEVER open PSP again. LOL Well, that finally happened even though I did it kicking and screaming all the way.

I will miss all the dear friends I have made at 3Scrapateers, and I sincerely hope they will come say "hey" to me at my new home. It sounds like there are some exciting things in store for 3Scraps, and I'll be checking in there often.

Osten, Amy and I have some exciting things planned at too! And to kick things off, I am offering my newest kit "Happy Holidays" as December's download a day. Come every day during the month of December for a piece, or two or three, of this fun kit. I adore reading your comments, so please, if you are enjoying the kit - tell me! Nothing inspires a designer to create MORE than your kind comments!

I will gradually be moving all my available kits from 3Scraps to OWD. If you missed pieces of my "Christmas In My Heart" at 3Scraps November DAD, it will be available as a full kit at OWD very soon.

Here's a preview of the Download A Day, coming December 1st to

See you soon!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

3Scrapateers Birthday
Blog Train!
Here is the 10th freebie on the train!

Sorry - Link Expired!

It's hard to believe that 3Scrapateers is FOUR! There is a week long celebration with chats, challenges, a blog train, and an adorable Birthday Kit just for you! I simply ADORE the colors in this kit, and you will want each and every piece of it.

I even heard that Fernelda the Freebie Fairy is flying in for the celebration! Our fluttery little friend will be popping in chats and posts to hand out coordinating goodies. ROFL! I remember my first birthday with 3Scrapateers - I chased that little dickens all OVER the site! I didn't want to miss a thing, and my heart was pounding as I frantically tried to guess where she would be next. What FUN!

For your next Blog Train Freebie Follow the link to Amberlee Batchelor

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some Layouts I've Done

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Newest Kit! Serendipity

I have had so many nice comments on my blog header, and now the kit used to make it is finally in the store! It's called "Serendipity" and has lots of cardboard bits and rich neutrals sparked with rose, blue, burgundy and green. I hope you like it! You can find Serendipity HERE


To celebrate the release of Serendipity, there WILL be coordinating freebies available ONLY here on my blog. Please keep checking back - I can't wait to share them with you!

I'm hoping to update by this weekend because it's gonna be a busy one for me. We have bought a new house! YES! We close on it this Friday, and so Saturday will find me painting closets, putting new shelf paper in the kitchen and all the other FUN things we do when we move. LOL We are very, very excited about our new home! Lots of work in store for us - moving is never fun, but thank goodness we have not one, but TWO big strong sons to help out. So if I'm a little absent in the next couple of weeks, you'll know why!

MORE exciting news! I was pleased and honored when Karen at 3Scrapateers asked to use Call Me Pink & Black for this week's Crop 'Em & Swap 'Em. This is such a FUN challenge! It works like this - you buy the featured kit if you don't already have it, create a scraplet (or quick page, whatever you want to call them), submit to the special gallery and at the end of the week, you get ALL the scraplets submitted! Voila! An instant brag book or album! You can find all the details HERE

And as a special GIFT for posting your scraplets, I have created some more pieces that coordinate with Call Me Pink & Black. Take a peek at the ad - you will get the pretties featured in it! Remember - you can only get these by posting your scraplet to the challenge.

Call Me Pink & Black is on sale for $3.00 during this Crop 'Em & Swap 'Em week - you can find it

I got a frantic call from the Dude when I got home from work yesterday - he is encased in ICE (yikes!) and had no internet. So for those of you who showed up for his special monthly challenge last night and the Dude was not there, trust me...he was very distressed that the chat was to be cancelled, but there is no controlling Mother Nature! I know it was to be a FAB chat with lots of information and goodies, and the Dude and Bon worked hard on it. Let's hope it is rescheduled soon - you won't want to miss it!

I hope the rest of your week is WONDERFUL! Till later....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another AWESOME layout!!

There have been so many wonderful layouts in my Half-n-Half gallery, that I have decided to create a slide show of them for those that only visit blogs. You won't BELIEVE what our wonderful readers have done! And most of them were done with only half the kit, or freebies. KUDOS, ladies!

fl_connie did this one, called Mommy and Me. I was so touched by it, I had to share it with everyone. For those that know me, you know my first love is heritage photos. And although I'm SURE connie's photo doesn't quite qualify as heritage - she's not that old! - it reminds us once again how important family photos are, and how treasured they will be for future generations.

Outstand job, Connie! THANK YOU!!


Linda and Dude tease me unmercifully about how early I go to bed. Yep..I'm one of those that my eyelids start drooping at 8 p.m. and my bed whispers my name. By 8:30 -it's yelling. LOL BUT... I am usually up at 3:30 a.m., and that is when I am most creative. After a couple cups of coffee, that is.

This morning was no exception. And lo and behold... Linda Walton's IM light was on! So..I took a chance and messaged her. She was hard at work on "Love Actually", and had been working all night!! Then, after wondering where the Dude was (Osten), I find out on HIS blog that he worked until 3 a.m. on his new kit!

And this got me to thinking. I wonder if scrappers know about the all-nighters and the many, many hours that go into creating a kit? Do they know how many papers and elements are created, and then tossed out because they just don't quite "go"? Do they know how many emails are sent saying "look at this and tell me what you think"? I'm a very, very new designer. But something tells me it will be a long, long time before I can create kit and not chew my fingernails or agonize over every detail.

Be that as it may, I also know that scrapkit designing is a labor of love. For me..for Linda..and for Osten. And I know I speak for many, many other designers as well. So, I just want to add a HUGE thank you to designers like Linda and Osten for their many sleepless nights and long hours creating the beautiful kits that grace our scrapbook pages. You guys RAWK!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

BUSTIN' my buttons!

Oh I am just SO proud of robhay! Her layout "Spring Flowers and Ladybugs" was chosen Layout of the Day yesterday at 3Scrapateers!

I chose the Layouts of the Day for a number of months at 3Scraps, and let me tell ya, it takes something special to CATCH the eye in the gallery because of all the incredible art there. Robhay's layout did just that, and I am so very, very proud that she used my kit!

Of course, ALL the layouts were awesome - I just keep going back to them and looking at each one over and over. My good friend the Dude told me many times that there is nothing like the thrill of seeing layouts done with your designs. And he's right! AGAIN! Dang..I hate it when he is so RIGHT all the time! LOL But 'tis's a thrill like nothing else...I gotta admit.

THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who took the time to post layouts. They mean SO much to me! Your posting bonuses (the second half of the kit) will be there very shortly by Private Message.

I hope you'll take the time to help me congratulate Robyn by visiting her gallery and leaving a HUGE dose of lovin' for her wonderful layout! Visit HERE


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

THANK YOU to everyone!!

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who joined me last night at the Half-n-Half chat! It was so good to see some old friends, and meet lots of new ones! And another HUGE thank you to Linda and the Dude. Let me tell ya... they are a RIOT and every chat room they show up in just RAWKS. I was so honored they joined mine! LUB you guys!

The FULL kit of Call Me Pink & Black is in the store now - and it's HUGE. If you missed it during the HnH week, you can pick it up HERE
Linda and Dude are SO right - blogs are FUN! I can't wait to add more, but I must beg everyone's patience because I freely admit I'm an html dummy. LOL Actually, I have two very talented GEEKETTE daughters who make their livings doing this kind of stuff, so I've never had to learn it, but I'm enjoying stumbling along.
Links Expired

Saturday, January 26, 2008

UPDATES for Call Me Pink & Black HnH Crop!

Here is a link to the details of the upcoming crop for Call Me Pink & Black!

Read all about it HERE

Thank you all SO much for your kind comments! Keep 'em coming... you inspire me to make even MORE coordinating freebies! Keep checking back here... ya just never know what I'll come up with!!! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


My Half-n-Half kit for January 29th debuts tonight on 3Scrapateers! I hope you'll join in the fun, and if you've never done a HnH kit, here's how it works.: Purchase one half of Call Me Pink and Black at a BARGAIN price of $2.00.

Post a layout to the special gallery, and I'll send you the OTHER half free! Plus..there is MORE! Join me at 9:00 p.m. CST in the 3Scrapateers Chat Room on January 29th, let's yak and have some fun, and I'll send out gifts that match the kit just for attending.

But WAIT..there is even MORE! I've made a special set of add-ons for the kit to help you get started, and you can grab them below! I'll be posting more information, such as links to the layout gallery in a few days. But for right now, start grabbing! And I hope to see you on the 29th!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Half-N-Half Kit is coming!

Well, I'm pretty excited :) Thursday night at 10:00 pm CST I'll launch my Half N Half kit at 3Scrapateers! Not to give any secrets away - but if you absolutely LOVE pink and bling, this kit is for you!

How do HnH's work? Well, you buy half the kit at a BARGAIN price and post a layout using those pieces in the special gallery set up just for my HnH. At the end of the week, I send you the OTHER half free! What a deal!!!

Oh... also... I have had a LOT of fun making freebies that coordinate with my kit, and they'll be posted HERE for the taking! I think you'll really like them.

So stay tuned... This blog will be updated Friday with all the details, links to post your layouts AND some fab freebies :) See you then!

Friday, January 18, 2008

My New Blog!

At the encouragement of my bestest digital friends, Osten Wilkins AKA The Dude, and Linda Walton AKA Bobby's Girl Forever of Bon Scrapatit Designs, I'm going to attempt my own feeble little blog :)

I hope to share with you news of the scrapbooking world, previews of my new kits, exciting freebies of my own and links to some other FAB ones so you don't miss a thing!

Bear with me, and as the old saying goes... Onward and upward!