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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another AWESOME layout!!

There have been so many wonderful layouts in my Half-n-Half gallery, that I have decided to create a slide show of them for those that only visit blogs. You won't BELIEVE what our wonderful readers have done! And most of them were done with only half the kit, or freebies. KUDOS, ladies!

fl_connie did this one, called Mommy and Me. I was so touched by it, I had to share it with everyone. For those that know me, you know my first love is heritage photos. And although I'm SURE connie's photo doesn't quite qualify as heritage - she's not that old! - it reminds us once again how important family photos are, and how treasured they will be for future generations.

Outstand job, Connie! THANK YOU!!


Linda and Dude tease me unmercifully about how early I go to bed. Yep..I'm one of those that my eyelids start drooping at 8 p.m. and my bed whispers my name. By 8:30 -it's yelling. LOL BUT... I am usually up at 3:30 a.m., and that is when I am most creative. After a couple cups of coffee, that is.

This morning was no exception. And lo and behold... Linda Walton's IM light was on! So..I took a chance and messaged her. She was hard at work on "Love Actually", and had been working all night!! Then, after wondering where the Dude was (Osten), I find out on HIS blog that he worked until 3 a.m. on his new kit!

And this got me to thinking. I wonder if scrappers know about the all-nighters and the many, many hours that go into creating a kit? Do they know how many papers and elements are created, and then tossed out because they just don't quite "go"? Do they know how many emails are sent saying "look at this and tell me what you think"? I'm a very, very new designer. But something tells me it will be a long, long time before I can create kit and not chew my fingernails or agonize over every detail.

Be that as it may, I also know that scrapkit designing is a labor of love. For me..for Linda..and for Osten. And I know I speak for many, many other designers as well. So, I just want to add a HUGE thank you to designers like Linda and Osten for their many sleepless nights and long hours creating the beautiful kits that grace our scrapbook pages. You guys RAWK!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Ohhhhh Monna Mia!!! What a MOST wonderful layout by Ms. Connie!!! SO wonderfully orchestrated and the BLACK and WHITE photo, of course, is just SO perfect with *COLOR ME PINK AND BLACK*!!! Robyn has done a BEAUTIFUL job as well! And, yes, it just BLESSES MY HEART beyond words to see my designs in action!!! The TALENT out there in "Scrapland" NEVER ceases to AMAZE me!

I am SO touched by your writings and this post is certainly NO exception!!! You are SO funny and SO heartfelt. *BIG HUG*

Reading your viewpoint on how much time designers put into their creations opened EVEN my eyeballs (no pun intended)!!! GOSH - you are SO right, MANY nights have run into day before my very eyes and you JUST know we could not do it ANY other way!!!

LOL! I was actually VERY happy that my light was on as you were beginning your day and mine had not yet ended!!! I LOVE our conversations and I believe I slept QUITE well after saying "good night"!!!

GOTTA love IM!!! Seeing the LIGHTS on of your friends reminds me of leaving the PORCH light on for your LOVED ones to find their way in at night!!!

Well, I am RAMBLING on and have yet to grab my cup of Joe to warm my body and defrost my mind so that I may DIG IN and get "Love Actually" completed. I guess I really must be getting older (she laughs heartily) as I seem to start out with GUSTO and before I know it, the HURRICANE winds have calmed down to a GENTLE breeze!!! ROTLFMBO!!!

HAPPY MONDAY and have a GORGEOUS week ahead!


Anonymous said...

Monna!!! I've seen some Fabulous creations and they've been using that P & B kit of yours. To me just seeing how people scrap with our elements and papers and the conceptual images those LO's convey truly amazes me.

Yep, it's been some long hours lately, I think the DUDE deserves a slight break??!! Yeah, Right!!!

Well, it's true!! Sometimes a kit comes to you, and then sometimes you struggle and struggle with it. I generally like to have several kits in the design process so that if I get tired or stale on one, I can become refreshed and enthused with another.

Thank YOU, Missa Monna for all the great words of encouragement. And that Missa Linda, that woman's light is still on when I get up in the mornings...Tee Hee!!!

Have a Great Hump Day!!! Love Ya!!