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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A new beginning....

Well, my friends, it appears I am a HOMELESS digidesigner. ROFL After a rather sudden turn of events, I have resigned effective immediately at ostenwilkinsdesigns. I wish Osten all good things for his site, and I know he will be everything he wants to be to the scrapping world.

But I do have a piece of exciting news! Seems I won't be HOMELESS for long! I'm very happy to announce that I will be moving to Treasures To Scrap very soon.

And the MOST exciting part of this is that I will get to work again with my very good friend, Linda Walton, of Bon Scrapatit Designs! It will be SO wonderful to be on the same team with Linda again. She is a fantastic designer, and ABSOLUTELY one of the nicest people I know. Everyone who knows Linda adores her, as evidenced by the HUGE popularity of her blog

As a BONUS, as if it could get BETTER - I am told that the people at Treasures To Scrap (TTS for short) are extremely nice and very customer orientated. I see some familiar design faces from 3Scrapateers already there, and I am just CHOMPING at the bit to get there with them!

Look for a GRAND OPENING announcement right HERE very soon! Now..I guess I'd better get busy - LOTS to do, starting with redesigning my poor little blog.

I want to thank each one of you who visited and downloaded my Download of the Day "Happy Holidays". I so enjoyed getting to meet you. You have ALL confirmed what I have suspected for a long time... Scrappers are just NICE PEOPLE! (big hugs to you all)


TifLyn said...

Wow, I am so shocked Mona! What did you do - open PSP much to Osten's warnings? Just kidding. I don't know what happened, and though lots of folks may disagree with me, we don't need to know either. Just that you are okay is what makes me happy!
OMG! Glad to hear you are going to TTS. I haven't been to that site much, but if both you and Linda are there - well that gives more incentive to run over there.
I had to limit the # of sites I visit just because I couldn't keep up. My eyes are bigger than my budget! And my eyes are also bigger than my harddrive right now too. I was happy with a few core sites to post to and my fav blogs to visit. When 3S made all their changes, I kinda dropped off there. I was lucky to find you at Osten's site thru Linda's blog (only missed the 1st few days of the DDL) so that made me happy. And thrilled you posted on your blog where you are going. I lost track of a lot of designers, just cuz it's time consuming to visit so many sites. But TTS sounds like a good place to land.
Thank you - and Happy New Year!
Hugs, Tif

Nancy said...

Monna, I aggree with Tiflyn...what a shock to find out you are leaving OWD! I wish you all the best and hope you will be very happy at TTS! You are such a sweet and considerate person and a wonderful designer! I hope the New Year brings wonderful things your way!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Awww Monna Mia, I am SO thrilled for your NEW home from which ALL of us in SCRAPLAND can find your BEAUTIFUL designs and your LOVING and TRULY caring disposition!!! You are just one of THE SWEETEST ladies I know and I am SO honored to be working with you and my BFF, Dawn as well as all of the other LOVELY and TALENTED ladies at Tresures-To-Scrap!

Here is wishing us ALL a HEALTHY, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS New Year!!!

Lots of love darlin',
Linda *heart*

Monna said...

Awwww... you ladies have just TOUCHED my heart! I honestly didn't think anyone would remember my blog! LOL I'm so happy you did, and your words of encouragement mean more to me than I can say. Tiflyn, if you will let me know which pieces you missed of Happy Holidays, I would be THRILLED to send them to you! Actually, the first day... Paper #1, was one of my favorite pieces in the whole kit and I would love for you to have it.

Nancy, I am SO glad you found me! Gosh..I have warm fuzzies :)

And Linda, my dear friend..we are gonna have SO much fun at TTS! It will be like old times, won't it?

I have said this many times before, but it was actually LINDA WALTON and her sweet, warm, personalized comments in the galleries that made me stay at 3Scrapateers. I was SUCH a newbie at scrapping, and she made me feel my layouts were WONDERFUL. She just has the knack of making people feel really special, and it's GENUINE!! Love ya, g/f! :)

Thanks to you all again for your comments. I will be visiting OWD, I just won't be a designer there, nor will I have administrative duties. But I'll come see y'all, and be your cheerleader!!


Kimmi said...

Oh Ms Monna! I have missed you soooo much! It is fabulous that you are updating your blog again! I can't wait to see what you have for all of us in the neat future. Stop by and say hi once in a while!!!


Anonymous said...

So happy you have found a new home with friends already there. I need to check out that place if it has attracted some of the nicest people out in digiscrapland! Wishing you all the best!