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Friday, July 10, 2009

New Half n Half Challenge at OSS!

Isn't this an adorable kit? Paula Duncan at has started the monthly challenge off, and you can read all about it HERE.

The rules are simple - purchase this darling FIRST half of the kit at an amazing price of $2.00, do a layout with it, post it in the gallery and put a link in the above thread to the layout (just so it doesn't get missed and we can all oooh and ahhhh) by July 31st. Paula will then send you the SECOND half FREE! A very fun challenge!

You can find the first half of the challenge kit HERE.

Sorry, but the links to the freebie quick pages made by the designers at One Single Seed have expired, but look for them as an ADD ON to this great July Mega Kit.

And my links to the My Favorite Guy blog train are still active...scroll on down to get it. FABULOUS huge kit, and if you haven't made all the stops, time is running out.

I am heading out tomorrow to pick up my third Australian Shepherd. I am so excited about him! He is Keno's littermate and he's a blue merle with one darling blue eye. Pictures coming soon! This is it, folks - NO MORE AUSSIES! LOL Although, they tell me Aussies are like potato chips, you can't have just one! All of the dogs - Izzy, Pearl and Keno, have been in obedience training and are doing well. We found an amazing instructor who uses operant conditioning methods. As soon as they hear the "click" of the clicker, we have their full attention. They see it all as one big game and get so excited when we all load in the car and head to Katherine's house. And best of all, Eric and I are learning right along with the dogs. I think we needed instruction more than they did. Enjoy your week!


Snowsmoon said...

Well, I will try this again. Darn IE...

I am glad to hear about your new I know how much you enjoy your babies and gald to hear you guys are enjoying them together.

Please give me a call this weekend so that we can catch up!


Snowsmoon said...

WOW, it has been a long time! How are you doing and how was your holidays? Good I hope. Happy New year and love to chat with you soon.